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Offering high quality, comprehensive set of programmes based on internationally praised pedagogical expertise and competencies from Finland

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Nordic Quest College offers high quality, comprehensive set of programmes designed to serve the educational and rapidly changing workforce needs of the digital age.  We are committed to inspiring the 21st century teaching & learning towards connecting education to work, entrepreneurship & professionalism. 

Nordic Quest College has established collaboration with University of Helsinki Teacher Training Schools, Firstbeat Teachnologies and Opintiet Education among others in Finland. Our Diploma Programmes are approved Quality Mark Programmes by Crossfields Institute, the United Kingdom. We also aim at offering various industry validated Career & Professional Development (CPD) certification programmes in near future. 

In collaboration with our international partner institutions in Finland, the United Kingdom and other countries around the globe, we proactively engage in academic planning, programme designing and developing delivery provisions that are compatible for the digital age teaching and learning in the interconnected world. 

Our pedagogical approach is practical, connecting education to work and entrepreneurship through offering a number of internship opportunities to the learners in their area of interest along with authentic business development projects. We work to create a new form of multi-professional network and cooperation in educational settings, while offering an environment for mutual benefit to all involved stakeholders. 

Our flagship 'Twenty First Leadership In Education & Pedagogy - LEAP 21ST® (Training of Trainers)' Diploma Programme is designed to prepare school teachers, principals and executives as internationally competent pedagogical leaders, towards inspiring and enhancing the 21st century, digital age teaching, training and learning.

Likewise, our Diploma Programme in Nutrition, Lifestyle & Integrative Wellness Coaching incorporates the functional and lifestyle medicine approach, nutraceuticals and naturopathic methods as well as applied yoga and meditation sciences; and prepares the graduates to impact some of the toughest Health & Wellness challenges of our times. 

We prepare the participants to be truly in charge of their lives, fully confident to ‘dream the impossible’ and equip them with skills to make those dreams a reality.


Nordic Quest College aims to become one of the leading institutions to inspire 21st century teaching and learning towards connecting education to work, entrepreneurship and professionalism.


By working closely with our international partners and as per the needs and aspiration of the concerned stakeholders in this field, we work to enhance 21st century teaching and learning in our educational institutions, to support blended learning innovations and to develop new provisions of world class professional and entrepreneurial  education and training programmes for the global citizens. 

Leadership Team & Collaboration Partners

The core leadership and training faculty at Nordic Quest College is formed with a group of seasoned educators, well experienced teacher trainers and internationally active educational leadership & management professionals. Please see more about our team here. 

We work in close collaboration with various Finnish educational institutions and technology providers, including Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences.

Our major collaboration partners are the University of Helsinki Teacher Training Schools  and Firstbeat Technologies Finland. Likewise, we work in cooperation with Opintiet Education Finland, which is an official member of Education Finland, the government promoted agency for internationalization of Finnish education and knowhow.

Nordic Quest College is an approved Quality Mark Centre by Crossfields Institute,  the United Kingdom. Crossfields Institute is a UK awarding organization, regulated by Ofqualthe Government Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation for England. Crossfields Institute has a passion and vision to inspire, innovate and initiate positive social change towards a better world. The institute designs market driven and specialist qualifications and certification for a wide range of education providers globally, including in the fields of education and healthcare. Crossfields institute offers a qualifying secondary teacher education programme in Denmark through Crossfields Europa, the Learning & Consultancy devision of the Crossfields Institute Group. 

Our Twenty First Leadership In Education & Pedagogy - LEAP 21ST® (Training of Trainers) Diploma programme is a ‘Certified Pedagogical Quality’ programme by Education Alliance Finland. Both our Diplomas Programmes are approved also as Quality Mark Programmes by Crossfields Institute, The UK.


Each programme at Nordic Quest College is headed by a programme director. The lecturing team is determined by the level and the contents of the programme that we offer.  All our course instructors are university teachers or other professionals with equivalent academic and pedagogical competencies. We also invite external visiting professors, business leaders and field experts based on the needs and demands of the specific study module.

Academic oversight and quality control of an individual programme are set as per the requirements and quality practice of the European Union & our partner institutions.  Our programmes are designed and delivered as state-of-the-art programmes focusing on the latest developments in education, leadership, digital innovation and new research based pedagogic developments. We equip learners with a blend of professional skills highly desired by employers in education and creative industries such as educational organizations, the media and welfare sector, as well as the commercial and non-profit consultancies.

In the study process the participants learn how to manage the commercial power of creativity, to think strategically and conceptually and to find innovative ways to solve the challenges of today’s educational organizations and international creative businesses. We give our learners a solid practical and theoretical grounding plus the ability to apply this knowledge to real life cases from international educational institutions.

The participants acquire the skills needed to become flexible and creative forward thinkers with pedagogical leadership qualities, an entrepreneurial attitude, analytical abilities and collaborative competencies. Thus, our programmes prepare and train participants for global flexibility in educational organizations as well as other creative and knowledge economy fields, through in-depth engagements with emerging digital technologies and with international teams on multicultural and cross-border projects.

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