Instruction to Applicants

Application Process - Step By Step Guide

Instruction to Applicants

Nordic Quest College is a private institution of education and we offer education & training programmes certified by external partners in Finland and The UK. We also aim at offering various industry validated Career & Professional Development (CPD) training certification programmes of our own in near future. Know more about us here.

As we are a private educational institution, there are some limitations to student residence permits. This is why non-EU citizens, who need a residence permit for their studies in Finland, can only get the residence permit if they have a well grounded reason for it.

Acceptable reasons can be further studies to supplement vocational skills or degrees already acquired, further training relating to work done in the country of departure, or special training available in Finland, such as training provided within the framework of Finnish education export initiatives. Our teacher training programmes fall under this category.

  1. Read more about our programmes here. All our programmes are delivered fully in English.
  2. Study the student residence permit requirements in Finland carefully here. Consider if you have the right justification for applying for a residence permit for 'other studies'.
  3. If yes, read carefully the application instructions and start filling in your application to our programmes here. Send us the required documents as email attachments and also pay the application fee as per the instructions that you will receive after sending us the online application.
  4. The applicants are shortlisted by the Selection Committee on the basis of their qualifications and applicability.
  5. There will be an interview over Skype or telephone, for the potential candidates into the programme.
  6. After the closing of the application period and selection procedures, the accepted candidates will receive a provisional acceptance letter and tuition fee payment instructions by email.
  7. As a condition for residence permits to be granted by The Finnish Immigration Service, the tuition fees must be paid before applying for the residence permit. Please check the fees for our programmes here.
  8. After paying the tuition fee, the applicant will receive the Official Admission Letter, with which you can apply for a residence permit from Finnish Migration Services-Migri/Local consulate offices. 
  9. Our friendly admissions staff will support the candidates throughout the process. It may take several months before your residence permit application is processed. An appointment to visit the nearest Finnish embassy/consulate office is normally required.
  10. Please do not make any other financial commitments before receiving your residence permit.
  11. After the accepted applicant informs us about receiving the residence permit and confirms the study placement, we will send them a thorough “Welcome Kit to Studying in Finland”, which contains important information about finding accommodation, preparing for your arrival and the first few weeks of study. 

Requirements for Student Residence Permit Application

Non EU students, who are admitted to study in the full time programme at Nordic Quest College, will require having a residence permit from the Finnish Immigration Service. Since we are a private institution of education, which does not confer degrees, the applicants must apply for a residence permit 'for studies other than those leading to a degree or a vocational qualification'. Please read more about studying in Finland and the residence permit application on Finnish Immigration Service (Migri)'s website here

The following justifications will be considered by Migri on an individual basis:

  1. Further studies to supplement vocational skills or degrees already acquired
  2. Further training relating to work done in the country of departure
  3. Training programme provided within the framework of Finnish Education Export Initiatives (For example our TOT Diploma in Pedagogical & Teacher Leadership)
  4. Finnish ancestry

Unfortunately, Nordic Quest College cannot consider applications from non EU citizens, who are not able to provide evidence for one of the above justifications. Therefore, before applying please ensure that you fulfil the above conditions, as well as the general minimum entry requirements for admission in our Diploma Programmes. 

Customised and on demand training programmes in pedagogical & educational leadership & management  however are different from the Diploma Programmes regarding the residence permits. One can simply attend those programmes with a tourist visa. It is also possible to deliver those programmes in clients' home countries, depending on their needs and service requests.

Financial Security & Insurance Needs

It is the applicants' responsibility to ensure that they have sufficient financial resources for living in Finland for the duration of their study. Therefore, before deciding to apply for residance permit, make sure that you have enough funds for the entire period of your studies. It is not possible to secure this with work for your first residence permit for studies. According to the requirements of Finnish immigration service, you must have at least EUR 560 at your disposal every month to be able to pay for your accommodation, food and other needs. Based on this one would require to have a minimum of €3,360 living cost in total for 6 months of study in our diploma programme. Please read more about the  financial scurity needs at the Finnish Immigration Services's website here.

As an international student from outside the European Union or European Economic Union, you must personally cover the costs if you become ill in Finland. In order to get a residence permit, you must therefore take out private insurance that will cover your medical expenses. The insurance you need depends on the duration of your studies in Finland. If you have a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC), you do not need to take out insurance.

For the first residance permit, you can take out insurance from an insurance company in your home country. Alternatively, you may also take suitable insurance from an international insurance company. The insurance you need depends on the duration of your studies in Finland. For instance, the shorter your studies will take, the more extensive insurance coverage you will need. For example, an exchange student needs more comprehensive insurance than a degree student. Please  read more about the  insurance needs at the Finnish Immigration Services's website here.

Refund Policy

Applicants who have paid the tuition fee for the programme at The Nordic Quest College but get a negative decision on their visa/residence permit application and cannot come to Finland will be entitled for a full refund; except for the non-refundable application fee and subsequent bank commission charges. The money shall be transferred to the verified bank account provided by the applicant within 1 month after we have received the official information about the negative visa decision.


Applicants who have confirmed their acceptance of the study placement and positive decision on residence  permit application will be provided with information on reliable accommodation agencies in the “Welcome Kit to Studying in Finland”. 

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