Reasons To Choose Us

Reasons To Choose Us

Deciding on a course for an advanced professional diploma or career enhancement training is an important step for each learner. It can be challenging to ascertain which provider will best meet your education and training requirements. In order to help you make informed decision on the programmes we offer, please see the details regarding our courses, costs, qualities, academic team and certification/recognition.

Programme Qualities

Our programmes are designed and implemented in an official collaboration with the University of Helsinki Teacher Training Schools, Opintiet Education and Firstbeat Teachnologies, among others in Finland.

Our Twenty First Leadership In Education & Pedagogy - LEAP 21ST® (Training of Trainers) Diploma programme is a ‘Certified Pedagogical Quality’ programme by Education Alliance Finland.

Nordic Quest College is also an Approved Quality Mark Centre by Crossfields Institute, the United Kingdom. Our Diploma Programmes are approved Quality Mark Programmes from the Crossfields Institute, the United Kingdom.

Nordic Quest College offers a high quality, comprehensive set of programmes designed to serve the educational and rapidly changing workforce needs of the digital age and interconnected world.  The academic oversight and quality control of individual programmes are aligned to the requirements and quality practice of our international partner institutions in Finland, the UK and other countries in the European Union.

Academic Team & Quality Control

All our course instructors and  lecturers are university  teachers or other  professionals of   the equivalent or  higher level of academic and pedagogical competencies. Moreover, we  frequently invite guest professors, industry experts and business leaders to teach in our programmes.

We work on continually improving all aspects of our service and instruction, integrating them with a regular, rigorous feedback system and best practices throughout the operations. The ongoing quality review ensures that changes are made as needed, and that high quality teaching and learning remain the standard.

Affordability & Flexibility

Teaching and learning at Nordic Quest College are arranged in a hybrid format. Along with a considerable amount of in class teaching & learning, there are field visits and practical placements. Arrangements consist of individual tasks, pair and group work. Some online teaching & live interactive video seminars can be delivered directly from our collaborating partner institutions. Our overall cost and quality ratio is highly compatible in the education market.

Hence, we offer flexible study programmes in a manner that are both effective, affordable and high in quality. This allows our valued learners a possibility to purse the programme of their choice without affecting family & working life situations.

Networking & Career Opportunities

We have an extensive network of national and international independent academicians, higher educational institutions, ICT companies and other concerned stakeholders in the field.  Collaboration with educational institutions in the world’s leading countries, Finland and the United Kingdom is the major strength of our college.

Our programmes are designed to truly connect education and professional experience to work, entrepreneurship and professionalism in a flexible and efficient manner. We give our learners a solid practical and theoretical grounding plus the ability to apply this knowledge to real life cases from international creative business, along with an entrepreneurial attitude & collaborative competencies.

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