21ST Century Leadership In Education & Pedagogy (LEAP 21ST®)

Twenty First Century Leadership In Education & Pedagogy - LEAP 21ST® (Training of Trainers) 

'A flexible & affordable route to the world's top Pedagogical & Educational Leadership & Management (Training of Trainers) Diploma Programme from Finland to you,  in order to enhance your capabilities as a 21ST century educator and pedagogical leader’.

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Programme Overview

The standards and heavy evaluations based global education was not designed for today's reality of digitalisation and globalisation, which have already transformed our way of life globally and created the need to raise education levels of the nations. Therefore, simply raising the so-called standards is not a solution to the problems in our education systems around the world. The educational leaders, policy makers and governments around the world are not able to align educational outcomes quickly enough towards digitalisation and other required emminent changes in education. However, there is a need of intelligently fostering the already emerging grassroots revolutions towards freeing the instructional teaching and learning in order to develop new pedagogies for deep and authentic learning with a global connection.

The Twenty First Century Leadership In Education & Pedagogy - LEAP 21ST® (Training of Trainers) Diploma Programme is one of the most distinct programmes available in the field. Finland’s historic and repeated success in the PISA - Programme for International Student Assessment surveys has attracted attention worldwide, making it a distinct example country with an alternative education system which ensures a combination of social justice, equity and academic excellence. Main stream countries around the world on the other hand are not delivering quality education outcomes for all. Policy makers and educational leaders throughout the world are therefore curious today to know about the Finnish formulas of educational excellences, with equitable access and learning in schools of improved quality for all children regardless of their socio-economic background. 

Therefore, it is high time to study this special, advanced Diploma Programme in Twenty First Century Leadership In Education & Pedagogy – LEAP 21ST® (Training of Trainers), designed and implemented in an official collaboration with the University of Helsinki Teacher Training Schools and also a Certified Pedagogical Quality’ programme by Education Alliance Finland. Moreover, the unique blend of Finnish experiences of educational excellences along with a Quality Mark Certification with British standards from Crossfields Institute adds multifold value for the learners.

Outline of the Programme

Target Group: In-service & Prospective school principals, teachers, trainers, educational leaders & managers, pedagogical heads, human resource managers

Entry Requirements: A minimum of a Bachelor’s level of study completed in an internationally recognized university or other equivalent higher education institution preferably in the field of Education, Humanities, Social Work or Social & Management Sciences. However, this is a multidisciplinary programme. All individual applicants with relevant academic and professional backgrounds will be considered on a case by case basis. The degree certificate copy must be officially certified. If it is not in English, it should be translated into English and officially certified. In case of non-compliance, the application will not be considered. 

The applicant is also required to deliver a CV, an officially certified copy of the passport identification page and a motivation letter about the rationale for applying for this programme.

English Language Requirement: Documented or demonstrated proof of English language proficiency for advanced level studies.

Level of Study: Advanced /Post Graduate

Duration: 6 Weeks (Customization & short versions available)

Diploma: Twenty First Century Leadership In Education & Pedagogy - LEAP 21ST® (Training of Trainers)

Dual Certification: Nordic Quest College Finland & Crossfields Institute,The UK (Quality Mark Certificate)

Application Period: Throughout the year

Study Begins: On a Regular Basis, for a group of a minimum 10 participants

Application Fee: None

Tuition Fee: €250/Module (VAT Inclusive)

What will you study in the Programme?

Module-1:     Educational Leadership and Organizational   Theories

Module-2: Political Economy of Education and School Organizations

Module-3: Strategies for Curriculum Development, Creative Change and Collaboration in Schools

Module-4: Ethical and Responsible Leadership in School Organizations

Module-5: Pedagogical and Teacher Leadership for Deep & Authentic Learning

Module-6:  Designing Teaching & Learning for the Digital Age – Connecting Education to Work, Entrepreneurship & Professionalism

Module-7:   Building Multiprofessional Network and Cooperation – Ensuring Inclusive Pedagogy and Enhanced Learner Welfare

Module-8: Planning and Implementing Assessment for Lifelong Learning

Module-9: Comparative & International Education - Case Finland

Module-10: Interdisciplinary & Systems Thinking in Education

Module-11: Leadership for Sustainable Development Goals in Education

Module-12: Development Project & Practicum in Pedagogical & Teacher Leadership (in Finnish Educational Institutions)

Note: We also offer customised packages from this Diploma Programme, i. e. the customers can choose specific module(s) instead of the whole Diploma Programme. 

Educational Vision & Values Embedded in the Programme

The programme is based on the values of internationally praised pedagogical expertise and educational competencies from Finland. It is designed and delivered as a state-of-the-art programme, focusing on the latest developments in education, leadership, digital innovation and new pedagogic developments.  Upon completion, the participants have acquired skills needed to become  flexible and creative forward thinkers with pedagogical leadership qualities, an entrepreneurial attitude, analytical abilities and collaborative competencies.

The Twenty First Century Leadership In Education & Pedagogy - LEAP 21ST® (Training of Trainers) Diploma programme provides participants with an opportunity to develop and practice their teacher leadership skills with digital age pedagogical skills throughout the programme, so that they are well prepared as competent 21st century global pedagogical leaders and educators.  

This programme is designed to prepare teachers, prospective teachers, leaders, managers and pedagogical coaches to assume a greater leadership role in their educational organizations and to share their skills and knowledge while remaining active in their respective fields of engagement. 

Programme Rationales & Objectives

The Twenty First Century Leadership In Education & Pedagogy - LEAP 21ST® (Training of Trainers) Diploma Programme serves those learners who seek an advanced post graduate level programme that will develop their professional capacities as 21st century teachers and pedagogical leaders. Increasingly, teachers are called upon to play leadership roles in various fields.

The programme aims not only at cognitive but also social and emotive learning results to equip the learners with competencies to respond confidently to the constantly developing learning requirements. The methodologies include experiential  and problem based learning (PBL). 

Today's and future educational leaders and teachers are required to design, coordinate and evaluate beyond standards based curricular programmes, assess the outcomes of instruction, support the work of other teachers through mentoring & peer-coaching and align new pedagogies to the reality of digital and technological advancement. Collaborative problem solving and promoting a positive climate and culture for learning both inside and outside of the classroom are among other skills expected from competent teachers. 

This programme prepares the participants for formal instruction/supervisory roles by emphasizing the knowledge, skills, and dispositions needed to assume leadership responsibilities for school and system improvement initiatives.

Organization & Delivery of the Programme

Teaching and learning at Nordic Quest College are arranged in hybrid formats. There are considerable amounts of in class teaching & learning alongside to Virtual Learning, as well as individual and group work.  Interactive video classroom facilities are provided in collaboration with our partners. Likewise, in order to truly connect education to work, entrepreneurship and professionalism, we offer realistic practical placement opportunities and observation visits for our learners as part of their study.

Nordic Quest College faculty sets the programme requirements, consonant with quality practice, and in line with our international partners’ policies in Finland, the UK and other EU countries. The innovative programme design gives the participants the flexibility they need to balance work and family demands while advancing their skills and competencies as teacher leaders. 

Learning is through adapting learning to practice instead of rote learning, assessment is imbedded in the learning process and used for the purpose of improving student learning as well as for encouraging them to become independent and lifelong learners. Group and peer work, comparative case studies, observation visits, project planning and reporting, demo presentations etc. are used as the forms of assessment rather than the traditional types of tests. 

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this advanced TOT Diploma are equipped with a knowledge and skills base required for effective and inspirational teaching and learning compatible to the 21st century digital age. Strengthened with a unique blend of internationally praised Finnish pedagogic excellences as well as British education standards; our graduates are highly competent, elite experts in the education industry. The prospects of career opportunities therefore are excellent.

The graduates are not only prepared to take various roles in the formal K-12 schools and community colleges, they can also find their career in governmental agencies and third sector I/NGOs as well as private education consultancies, academic publishers and as private entrepreneurs.

Some of the possible primary career roles for our graduates are listed below:

Teacher  & Head Teacher; Academic Adviser; Evaluation & Inspection Coordinator; Curriculum Designer; Education Policy Designer; Guidance Counsellor; Developmental & Learning  Therapist; Career Counsellor; Guidance Counsellor; Education Consultant; Academic Writer/Editor; Child & Youth Specialist; Life Coach; Human Resource Specialist/Manager ; Public Relations Specialist/Officer and so on.

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