Nutrition, Lifestyle & Integrative Wellness Coaching (NEW LIFE COACH®)

Diploma In Nutrition, Lifestyle & Integrative Wellness Coaching (NEW LIFE COACH®)

Gain the knowledge and skills for a viable alternative healthcare coaching that incorporates, functional & lifestyle medicine approach, nutraceutical and naturopathic methods as well as applied yoga & meditation sciences. Get prepared to impact some of the toughest Health & Wellness challenges of our times as a Nutrition, Lifestyle & Integrative Wellness Coach.

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Programme Overview

Integrative or holistic health and wellbeing is about an individual’s state of living where s/he is able to proactively enhance a holistic wellbeing in all aspects of life. It is not only determined by a person’s genetic acquisitions, physical fitness, food and lifestyle choices and the immediate environment, but also entails emotional intelligence, social support and welfare provisions, connections to nature and coexistence.

Individuals' perceived importance of determinants of health and wellbeing differs greatly. However, several studies have already proved the apparent health benefits and cost effectiveness of certain lifestyle choices. Many chronic diseases are mostly preventable through an active life and regular moderate exercise coupled with natural and healthy food choices.

Professional Nutrition, Lifestyle & Integrative Wellness coaches can help individuals make healthier diet and lifestyle choices towards eliminating the negative health effects of sedentary life and work styles, poor nutrition choices and stress.

This is a Crossfields Institute, the United Kingdom approved Quality Mark programme, and an inspiring training, developed in a licensed partnership with Firstbeat Technologies Finlanda global leader in the field of Health & Wellness research, innovation & technology. As a major part of the programme, the participants will gain a comprehensive knowledge on Heart Rate Variability (HRV) research and the internationally admired, cutting edge Lifestyle Assessment & Data Analysis tools developed by the Firstbeat Technologies, which is a professional grade coaching tool for health and wellness checks and identifies the steps towards a healthier, fitter and more productive life for individuals.

The programme incorporates the functional and lifestyle medicine approach, nutraceuticals and naturopathic methods as well as applied yoga and meditation sciences. The participants are trained to become expert facilitator of lifestyle and behaviour change that generates sustainable healthy living, which prevent or treat disease, and foster well-being and thriving. Thus, the graduates are prepared to impact some of the toughest Health & Wellness challenges of our times. 

The programme is truly unique and all learners will feel supported, appreciated and accepted from the moment they arrive to begin their new journey. This is an inspiring training, which will take you on an amazing  self discovery and connection to nature. You will empower others, be empowered & walk away from the training being able to live a happier and healthier existence, far more connected to nature and other living beings.

Outline of the Programme

Target Group: Upper Secondary School Graduates and professionals having work experience in the fields of Healthcare, Social  Work, Education, Life Coaching etc.

Entry Requirements:  A minimum of Upper Secondary Level education and professionals having work experience in the fields of Healthcare, Social  Work, Education, Life Coaching etc. are preferable. However, all applications with relevant academic and professional backgrounds will be considered on a case by case basis. The degree certificate copy must be officially certified. If it is not in English, it should be translated into English and officially certified, except for certificates issued in Finland. In case of non-compliance, the application will not be considered. 

The applicant is also required to deliver a CV, an officially certified copy of the passport identification page, or a Finnish or EU Identity Cards and a motivation letter about the rationale for applying for this programme.

English Language Requirement: Documented or demonstrated proof of English language proficiency for advanced level studies 

Level of Study:   Advanced 

Duration: 6 Weeks (Customization & short versions available)

Diploma: Diploma in Nutrition, Lifestyle & Integrative Wellness Coaching (NEW LIFE COACH®)

Dual Certification: Nordic Quest College Finland & Crossfields Institute, The UK (Quality Mark Certificate)

Application Period: Throughout the year

Study Begins: On a Regular Basis, for a group of a minimum 10 participants

Applicatio Fee: None

Tuition Fee: €250/Module (VAT Inclusive)

What Will You Study in the Programme?

Module-1: Human Anatomy & Physiology

Module-2: The Role of Food Groups - Macro, Micro & Phytonutrients for Human Health & Wellbeing

Module-3: Perspectives for Alternative Healthcare & Wellbeing

Module-4: Nutrition & Lifestyle Approaches for Integrative Healthcare

Module-5: Functional & Lifestyle Medicine Approaches in Wellness Coaching

Module-6: Lifestyle Assessment & Wellness Coaching

Module-7: Applied Yoga & Meditation Practices for Lifestyle & Wellness Coaches 

Module-8: Principles & Ethics for Wellness Professionals

Module-9: Leading the Movements for Sustainable Living

Module-10: Development Project - Planning & Implementing Wellness Coaching Business

Note: We also offer customised packages from this Diploma Programme, i. e. the customers can choose specific module(s) instead of the whole Diploma Programme. 

Availability in Finnish: This programme can also be offered in the Finnish language for a cohort of minimum 15 students.

Educational Vision & Values Embedded in the Programme

This course leads the participants to experience the true essence and meaning of nutrition, functional & lifestyle medicine as well as applied yoga and meditation practices  tailored for integrative wellness coach training. They are guided through a unique and holistic synthesis, harmonizing the teachings of new health and wellness research with ancient health and wellbeing knowledge applicable in a contemporary context.  This experience is a true journey of discovery on your path to greater self-awareness and understanding of holistic human health and wellbeing, enabling for you to put the acquired knowledge and skills into practice in your daily life and professional settings.

The graduates are prepared to impact some of the toughest Health & Wellness challenges of our times.The focus will be on all aspects of teaching and living the principles of nutrition, lifestyle and integrative wellness coaching within a contemporary culture. It is an exclusive opportunity to grow, connect, and contribute to your overall growth as a wellness professional and integrative health coach.

The programme combines a perfect balance of theoretical and applied knowledge of nutrition, lifestyle and wellness with the professional coaching and communication skills required to become a nutrition and lifestyle coach. The participants are prepared for inspiring their clients towards a long term healthier diet and lifestyle using scientific knowledge and practical skills to help them achieve their health and wellbeing goals.

Organization & Delivery of the Programme

Teaching and learning at Nordic Quest College are arranged in hybrid formats. There are considerable amounts of in class teaching & learning alongside to Virtual Learning.  Interactive video classroom facilities are provided in collaboration with international partners.

The method of our Wellness Coach training is multi style. The course teaches students how to provide wellness coaching for the individual, so that it suits the uniqueness of each person rather than the individuals adapting to the wellness services. The course is designed to provide a comprehensive foundation for wellness coaching skilfully and intelligently with compassion and awareness.

During the course, the learners get opportunities to practise wellness coaching to their fellow participants or real client groups. The training is designed to prepare participants as confident, precise, compassionate and effective wellness coaches, in a supportive and accepting environment.  The programme takes you on a journey where each participant can connect with their inner self, internal wisdom and authentic voice.

Other areas in the programme include marketing skills, occupational health and safety, as well as the aspects of managing a professional wellness coaching business.

Programme Rationales & Objectives  

Nutrition, Lifestyle & Integrative Wellness coaching can ameliorate the health and wellbeing of individuals in many ways. Conventional medical care worldwide is facing pressing challenges not only in the patient doctor/nurse ratio but also in finding the best possible individualised treatment plans.

In these circumstances, Nutrition, Lifestyle and Integrative Wellness Coaching as a new approach can offer a viable alternative/proactive health care by incorporating a functional and life style medicine approach, integrative healthcare, nutraceutical and naturopathic methods. As a modern approach with age old roots and proven results it offers a sustainable solution and cost effectiveness in the long run.

The programme prepares you with the skills required for the design and practice of wellness coaching in a range of settings from large groups in a studio or health club to private classes, including yoga and meditation therapy. The focus is on the ability to apply and understand these skills, especially for the selection of appropriate practices for different class levels, from novice to the more experienced.

Career Opportunities

Healthcare is a four trillion dollar industry worldwide and a major portion of this business is shifting to Health and Wellness Coaching from the traditional medical care system. Globally, Health & Wellness Coaching is one of the fastest growing sources of employment in the economy. As healthcare costs continue to surge, more and more corporations are starting to hire Wellness Coaches for a more productive and enjoyable workplace environment. Workplace wellness in itself is estimated to be a 6 billion dollar industry.

According to Forbes:

“Health & Wellness Coaching is one of the smartest, most lucrative career choices in the economy today. It’s part of a four trillion dollar industry and growing. If you want to make a difference and be well paid, this is clearly the place to be.” 

There is huge opportunity in the coaching industry that is escalating in the coming years. The International Coaching Federation shares an annual report on the state of the coaching industry and provides statistics on industry growth as well as a baseline overview of the Health & Wellness Coaching career.

According to the International Coaching Federation:

  • Worldwide, 6 in 10 coaches showed an increase in clients at the rate of $200-$500/hr
  • Most coaches predict a further increase in client numbers, fees, hours and revenue in the coming years. 

One of the gifts of becoming a Wellness Coach is that the possibilities for where you can work are infinite. You can work with clients 1-1 over the phone or in a local office or on Skype, which means that you can even get clients from all over the world. Graduates can choose to work with functional and naturopathic medicine doctors or in yoga studios and wellness centres with other integrative health and wellness practitioners. Wellness Coaches are also on high demand in universities, schools, churches, synagogues or community centres.

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