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World's Top Pedagogical & Educational Leadership & Management Training Programmes From Finland To You

Nordic Quest College is one stop expert solution to enhance and inspire the 21st century teaching and learning at all levels: from K-12 to higher education as well as vocational education and training. 

We bring the world's top pedagogical & educational leadership & management training programmes from Finland to you - in order to enhance your capabilities as a 21st century educator and pedagogical leader.

On Demand & Customised Training In Pedagogical & Educational Leadership & Management

Nordic Quest College offers on demand customised training programmes in Pedagogical & Educational Leadership & Management. These customised education & training packages can be delivered in Finland, clients' home countries or online; to suit the specific needs and demands from the client institutions of education or groups of individuals. 

The programme package, learning contents and training faculty for this service domain is often tailored from our flagship Diploma Programme in Twenty First Century Leadership In Education & Pedagogy – LEAP 21ST® (Training of Trainers); which is designed and implemented in an official collaboration with The University of Helsinki Teacher Training Schools, a 'Certified Pedagogical Quality Programme' by Education Alliance Finland and approved also as a 'Quality Mark' programme  by Crossfields Institute, the UK.

Thus, we provide participants with a solid understanding and practical experience of the wide ranging contextual, conceptual and thematic issues involved in the planning, implementation & management of educational services as well as the development of new pedagogical innovations.

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Get The Best From Education Industry Experts

We work in close collaboration with various Finnish educational institutions and EdTech partners, including The University of Helsinki Teacher Training Schools, Opintiet Education, and Firstbeat Technologies. Our programmes are designed and delivered as state-of-the-art programmes focusing on the latest developments in education, leadership, digital innovation and new pedagogic developments.  The participants acquire the skills needed to become flexible and creative forward thinkers with pedagogical leadership qualities, an entrepreneurial attitude, analytical abilities and collaborative competencies. 

All our course instructors and lecturers are university teachers or other professionals with an equivalent or higher level of academic and pedagogical competencies. Moreover, we frequently invite guest professors, industry experts and business leaders. Depending on the client needs and as per the agreement, some of the training modules or the whole programme can also be conducted in one of our collaborating institutions in Finland. 

Connecting Education To Work Entrepreneurship & Professionalism

Nordic Quest College offers a high quality, comprehensive set of programmes designed to serve the educational and rapidly changing workforce needs of the digital age.  We are committed to inspiring the 21st century teaching & learning towards connecting education to work, entrepreneurship & professionalism. 

Let us know your organizational need and we will then design  a most suitable education and training package or partnership mechanism for your institution, based on the internationally praised pedagogical expertise from Finland along with the UK certification. 

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Nordic Quest College offers flexible study programmes in a manner which is effective, affordable and high in quality. Academic oversight and quality control of individual programmes are set as per the requirements and quality practice of our international partner institutions in Finland, The UK and other countries in the European Union.

We prepare our participants to be truly in charge of their lives, fully confident for ‘dreaming the impossible’ and equip them with skills to make those dreams a reality. Get in touch today! 

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