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Diploma in 21st Century Pedagogical & Teacher Leadership

(Training of Trainers)

Formal education throughout the globe in the past decades has been synonymous to the main three elements: curriculum, teaching and assessment. The educational leaders, policy makers and governments around the world are not able to react quickly towards digitalisation and other urgently needed transformations in education.

In contrast, Finland’s historic and repeated success in the PISA - Programme for International Student Assessment surveys conducted by the OECD has attracted attention worldwide. Finland has been a distinct example country with an alternative education system, which ensures the combination of social justice, equity and academic excellence, while  mainstream countries around the world are not delivering quality education outcomes for all. Policy makers and educational leaders  around the world are curious today to know about the Finnish formulas of equitable access and learning in schools of improved quality for all children regardless of their socio-economic background. Also, Finland  has repeatedly held the top position of the United Nation's Global Happiness Index.

Therefore, it is high time to study this special, advanced Diploma in 21st Century Pedagogical and Teacher Leadership (Training of Trainers) programme in Finland, designed to offer a flexible and affordable route to the  teachers and educational leaders from around the globe. Moreover, the unique blend of Finnish experiences of educational excellences including an exclusive collaboration with the University of Helsinki Teacher Training Schools and a Quality Mark Certification with British standards from Crossfields Institute adds multifold value for the learners.

Programme Outline

Target Group: In-service & Prospective School Principals, Teachers, Trainers, Leaders, Managers and Pedagogical Coaches 

Level of Study:   Advanced /Post Graduate

Duration:            6 Months

Extent:            Equivalent to 30 ECTS

Award: Crossfields Institute Quality Mark Certificate

Diploma:  21st Century Pedagogical & Teacher Leadership (Training of Trainers)

English Language Requirement: Any documented or demonstrated proofs of English language proficiency for advanced studies.

Application Period: Throughout the year

Study Begins: On a Regular Basis, for a group of a minimum 10 participants

Application Fee: €150

Tuition Fee: €5,500 (VAT Inclusive)

On Demand & Customised Training In Pedagogical & Educational Leadership & Management

NordicQuest College is a one stop expert solution to enhance and inspire the 21st century teaching and learning at all levels; from K-12 to higher education as well as vocational education and training. We bring the world's top Teacher Education and training programmes in Pedagogical & Educational Leadership & Management  that is based on internationally praised pedagogical expertise and competencies from Finland to you, in orto enhance your capabilities as a 21st century educator and pedagogical leader.

Apart from our Flagship Diploma programme in '21st Century Pedagogical & Teacher Leadership (Training of Trainers)', we offer on demand training programmes in Pedagogical & Educational Leadership & Management, that are tailor-made or customised to suit the specific needs and demands of the customer institutions of education or groups of individuals.

We provide participants with a solid understanding and practical experience of the wide ranging contextual, conceptual and thematic issues involved in the planning & management of educational services as well as the development of new pedagogical innovations.

Diploma In Nutrition, Lifestyle & Integrative Wellness Coaching 

Integrative or holistic health and wellbeing is about an individual’s state of living where s/he is able to proactively enhance a holestic wellbeing in all aspects of life. It is not only determined by a person’s genetic heritage, physical fitness, food and lifestyle choices and the immediate environment; but also entails emotional intelligence, social support and welfare provisions, connections to nature and coexistence. 

This is a certified Quality Mark programme from Crossfields Institute, the United Kingdom, developed in a licensed partnership with Firstbeat Technologies, Finland.

The programme offers a unique opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills for a viable alternative healthcare coaching that incorporates a functional & lifestyle medicine approach, nutraceutical and naturopathic methods as well as applied yoga & meditation sciences. The graduate are prepared to impact some of the toughest Health & Wellness challenges of our times as Nutritition, Lifestyle & Integrative Wellness Coaches.

Programme Outline

Target Group: A minimum of Upper Secondary School Graduates and professionals having work experience in the fields of Healthcare, Social  Work, Education, Life Coaching etc.

Level of Study:   Advanced

Duration:     6 Months

Extent:       Equivalent to 30 ECTS

Award: Crossfields Institute Quality Mark Certificate

Diploma: Diploma In Nutrition, Lifestyle & Integrative Wellness Coaching

English Language Requirement: Any documented or demonstrated proofs of English language proficiency for advanced studies.

Application Period: Throughout the year

Study Begins: On a Regular Basis, for a group of a minimum 10 participants

Application Fee: €150

Tuition Fee: €4,500 (VAT Inclusive)

Educational Tour Packages & Camp Schools In Finland

Nordic Quest College organizes Educational Tour Programmes in Finland throughout the year. The programme is intended for educational Leaders & Managers, Teachers, Students and all others interested in learning about the Finnish educational system. Our EduTour  programme allows participants to enjoy an authentic experience of the world’s one of the best education systems and practices.

Nordic Quest College also organizes teacher and student exchange visits, international workshops and seminars as well as summer and winter camp schools in Finland.  Such Educational Tour Packages and Camp School programmes are fully customisable to the needs and demands of the client institutions or visiting groups.

Educational Consultancy Services

Based on our expertise in the internationally praised Finnish education system as well as a deep knowledge of comparative and international education, Nordic Quest College provides various consultancy and advisory services to government agencies, educational institutions and NGOs worldwide.

Nordic Quest College can facilitate and provide consultancy services to our client institutions worldwide who are interested to localize innovative pedagogic solutions from Finland and enhance quality standards of education provisions in their institutions/countries;  from Early Childhood Education & Care (ECEC) to General & Vocational Schools (K-12) as well as University level education.  

'Inspiring the 21st Century Teaching & Learning - Connecting Education to Work, Entrepreneurship & Professionalism'.

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